14 Nov 2023


  • Cricket Collective Award Winners:
    • Growing the Game + ECB National Coaches Award for Outstanding Contribution to Cricket - Glynis Culley
    • Lifetime Achiever - Peter Langford
    • Lifetime Achiever - Andy Harman
    • Unsung Hero - Mick Wilkins
    • Volunteer Grounds Management - Roger Rolls
    • Cricket Innovator - Simon Brook
    • Inspired to Play - Scott Smith
    • Game Changer - Isabelle Gurney
    • Game Changer - Isabelle Gurney

  • Women & Girls survey was completed by 30 clubs and 20 attended an online forum on Oct 9th. Agenda was based on survey results and several clubs shared good practice on national programmes, clusters, recruiting players/volunteers. Survey results and forum discussion is helping us support clubs planning to set up W & G sections or girls only dynamos as well as share information on courses, funding etc. 

  • Juniors Comps:
    • A feedback form was shared with clubs that participated in the Bucks Cricket Competitions in 2023. Based on the responses we proposed a number of amendments to the rules and further discussed structural and operational changes to the competitions which will impact their running in 2024.
    • Clubs fed back on the proposed amendments and after further discussion we published the final rules on 21st October. We also shared the entry form for next years comps, and an information document explaining what the ADMCL is, differences from the Bucks Cricket Comps, and opening it up to other clubs in the Aylesbury Vale.


  • Club Forum: New Bradwell CC, Wed 15th Nov 7-9pm (6:30pm meet)
  • Women’s softball (& beyond) networking event: 14th November 7:30pm at High Wycombe CC. No registration required. If you have any questions contact: claire.munday@buckscricket.co.uk
  • Coach Development Bowling Workshops – see ‘Coaching Courses’ section of website for more information:
    • ‘Spin it up’ with Mark O’Leary
    • ‘Setting the pace’ with Andy Pick
  • MCC Foundation Hubs to commence in January, with trials in December. 2 MK Hubs, 2 Central/South Bucks Hubs. 10 FREE sessions. Please send our website link to boys and girls aged 11-16 that attend state schools. For information can be found here: https://buckscricket.co.uk/pages/mcc-foundation-hubs
  • 2 New Skill Zone sessions for CLUB players:
    • U11-U12: 3 Week All Rounder,  Saturdays 6/1, 13/1, 20/1, 4-5:30pm @Kents Hill Park School 4-5:30pm
    • U9-U10: 3 Week All Rounder,  Saturdays 27/1, 3/2, 10/2, 4-5:30pm @Kents Hill Park School 4-5:30pm
    • Sign-up here: https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/11qjsh
  • There are still spaces on some of our Skill Zones programme that non-pathway players can attend (if they are strong enough to train alongside pathway players).
  • All Stars and Dynamos 2024 National Programmes Virtual Roadshow, Tuesday 28th November 2023, 6:30pm. Link to be shared nearer to date.


  • Bucks Boys U18s won the National Counties 3-day Championship
  • 396 players were selected onto our pathway programme this year, here is a list of players by age group and by club.
  • Notable changes/improvements for 2023/24 – return to 2 squads at Girls U11 (32 players selected from 52 nominations – up from 19 in 2022/23) with two new female coaches Maisie Taylor & Maddi Conner (Both previous pathway players). New Girls u12 squad (rather than u13 County & Development) all other squads as per 2022/23.
  • Emerging Player Programmes (EPP) & Midweek Training Programmes:
    • 57 players identified: Boys EPP 12 players, Boys MTP 14 players, Girls EPP 15 players, Girls MTP 16 players.
    • Staff: Boys EPP – James Savory & Jason Harrison + Northants skills coach & S&C, Boys MTP James Savory & Ben Ungaretti, Girls EPP - Chloe Hill & Jason Harrison, Girls MTP - Chloe Hill & Ben Ungaretti – S&C coaching & testing provided across Girls EPP, MTP & Boys MTP provided by Conner Haddow.
  • 11 eligible players (Boys & Girls) nominated to ECB DiSE programme (Diploma in Sporting Excellence: Accelerator Programme)
  • The first phase of winter training is underway, with phase two starting in January.
  • BYCT supported 40 players with the cost of their first phase of winter training.
  • We are currently collating feedback from participant of our programmes in 2022-23 and their parents:  https://forms.office.com/e/yyxWmqktz1
  • 100 players attended across 6 skill zone courses (10 sessions) in Sept-October.



  • Bucks Men’s 1st XI won the NCCA Championship
  • Connor Haddow represented England (a NCCA representative team) in the European Cricket Championship, taking 3 wickets, earning him ‘Player of the Match’
  • Bucks Women beat Oxfordshire and Berkshire to wrap up their South Central Cup campaign, with the fixtures played at Amersham CC and Wormsley


  • Men & Women’s winter training programme to commence in January.
  • Signing Billy Mead for Men's 1st team as one of the out-of-County players


Primary Schools

  • Chance to Shine Whole School Programmes delivered in 6 primary schools this Autumn Term 1.
  • 2 Multi Skills Festivals delivered in partnership with Marlow School Games at Sir William Borlase Grammar School engaging local primary schools in Marlow and Wycombe.
  • If your primary school would like Bucks Cricket to deliver sessions please contact: muhsin.raquib@buckscricket.co.uk

Secondary Schools – Girls Cricket

  • Forms sent to all MK, Buckingham & Aylesbury Vale schools for them to sign up for delivery, competition or CPD.
  • If your secondary school is interested in Bucks Cricket supporting Girls cricket at your school, please contact: claire.munday@buckscricket.co.uk

Secondary Schools – MK

  • Delivered an after school club at Ousedale School Olney Campus


  • MCC Foundation Hubs to commence in January, with trials in December. 2 MK Hubs, 2 Central/South Bucks Hubs. 10 FREE sessions. Please send our website link to boys and girls aged 11-16 that attend state schools. For information can be found here: https://buckscricket.co.uk/pages/mcc-foundation-hubs

Street Cricket

  • We continued to deliver 8 street hubs across the county including 2 girls only street hubs in Bletchley and Aylesbury. The 8 street hubs engage on average 120 participants on weekly basis.
  • Find out more about our sessions here: https://buckscricket.co.uk/pages/street-cricket
  • We are looking to recruit a support coach worker and coaches from local communities to support these street cricket hubs. If you are interested in finding out more please contact: muhsin.raquib@buckscricket.co.uk



  • SEND Schools programme commences this term with more than 10 SEND settings (Special Schools/Mainstream SEND Units) registering to receive delivery. The offer consists of up to 20 hours of table or soft ball cricket for each setting. Many of these schools will be given further opportunity to take part in a county table cricket competition next year.


  • Emma Boswell-Harris was promoted to Head of Participation
  • Harry Gadsby is now Club Development Officer, taking on some of Emma’s previous club and volunteer support responsibilities, including Young Leaders, Junior Comps and ECB National Programmes.
  • Ben Ungaretti, who already coached on the pathway, was hired as a Pathway Performance Coach.
  • Our staff’s contact details can be found on our website: https://buckscricket.co.uk/pages/contacts


  • Raph Weatherall part of Mens’ U19s England test squad.
  • Raph Weatherall signed professional contract with Northants.
  • Anna Harris awarded PCA Umpire of the Year for Women’s Cricket.
  • Yolanda Harris awarded Blind Cricket England & Wales Umpire of the Year.