Here at Bucks Cricket, we look to grow the game and make cricket more accessible through schools across the county. Bucks Cricket can support Schools with their cricket provision, working closely with pupils as well as staff to make cricket a game for everyone. Please find below our delivery offer as well as the relevant contacts you need. We are also pleased to inform; all our school delivery is completely FREE of charge for schools to receive.



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Primary Schools - Chance to Shine Coaching

Bucks Cricket deliver 'Chance to Shine' programmes in schools to provide all children the opportunity to play, learn and develop through cricket. Our specialist coaches go into schools providing a brilliant first experience of cricket through delivering engagement days and whole school programmes.

As well as the physical benefits of regular activity, we use cricket to teach children important key life skills that will help them beyond the playground. Through the values of cricket, we teach children about respect and fair play.

Cricket is also an effective way to develop skills like communication, leadership and perseverance that will benefit them throughout their life. We believe that cricket is an inclusive sport, where girls and boys can play and learn together.

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Whole School Programme (KS1/KS2),30 hours of delivery across the half term consisting of the following elements:

  • INSPIRE – Induction, Assembly and Celebration Event
  • PLAY – Ideally 4 classes a day in a school for a half-term
  • LEAD – Teacher CPD/Support and KS2 Playground Leadership
  • COMPETE – Personal Best, Intra and Inter-School Competition
  • PATHWAY – Parent Engagement and community taster sessions
  • LEARN – Encourage teachers to use classroom resources (no direct delivery expected)

Engagement Day (KS1/KS2) Includes a day of delivery including :

  • INSPIRE – Induction (portal sign-up) and Assembly
  • PLAY – Ideally 4 Classes/Taster Sessions
  • PATHWAY – Parent engagement, community national programmes and school club links.


Girls Secondary School Coaching

We are supporting the growth of female participation in cricket in secondary schools across Bucks through the offer below, whether a participation or performance focus, our offer below can support your school in engaging more girls in your schools.

Offer 1: Extra Curricular (Lunchtime or After School Club) for a half term (6 weeks)

Offer 2: Curriculum Lesson Delivery (Ideally 2 Classes a day) for a half term (6 weeks) including staff CPD.

All offers are delivered by qualified coaches.

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Boys Secondary School Coaching

Cricket is growing across Milton Keynes; Bucks Cricket are looking to provide further opportunities for secondary school pupils through the following offers below.

Offer 1: Extra Curricular (Lunchtime or After School Club) for a half term (6 weeks)

Offer 2: Curriculum Lesson Delivery (Ideally 2 Classes a day) for a half term (6 weeks)

To find out more please contact,

MK Secondary Schools:

Aylesbury/South Bucks/ High Wycombe Secondary Schools contact:


SEND School Coaching

Through Lords Taverners, Bucks cricket deliver Table Cricket and Softball Cricket to SEND settings whether in mainstream schools or special schools. The offer below offers delivery and activities for all abilities and ages.

Offer: Table Cricket or Softball Cricket Sessions for a half term (2 sessions on a weekly basis for 6 weeks half term)

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