EDI Action Plan

This is what we are doing to make cricket a game for everyone in Bucks and our targets to make further progress.

The Foundations of our Bucks Cricket EDI Action Plan


1. Diversity of gender and ethnicity on Board of Directors
2. Diversity of gender and ethnicity on Staff
3. County Pathway to reflect the cricket playing ethnic diversity
4. County Pathway to ensure State School educated players can overcome barriers of less access to coaching and facilities

5. Ensure CCB job advertisements/descriptions are inclusive and have balanced interview panels

6. Create a culture of listening, understanding and engagement across all Bucks Cricket environments
7. All CCB Staff undertake ECB Anti-Discrimination Training. Managers undertake ECB Inclusive Leadership training
8. Work with Clubs to understand and overcome systemic and cultural barriers to inclusion and equity 


9. Bucks Women’s Team provided closer aligned status to Men’s NCCA team – capped player system, coaching, facilities, catering, free kit, training and matches

10. County Pathway:
a. Bucks Boys and Girls provided with equal programmes – coaching hours, no. matches, costs 
b. State School Hubs to top-up coaching access pre and post season U14-U16
c. Bucks Youth Cricket Trust bursary funding available

d. ECB funding to provide free trials
e. ECB and Bucks to reduce costs for County squads

f. Coaches at Trials provided with relevant information (Club/School/Birth Quarter),all players to wear Club kit (no Bucks clothing) and increase number of player U13 and younger in Pathway to reduce systemic bias.

11. Free Community Programmes: 4 x Super 1s Disability hubs, 7 x Street Cricket, 12+ All Stars & Dynamos

12. Facility Development: Focus on Milton Keynes Council Pitches and Clubs’ Female Friendly Facilities

13. State School Secondary School Coaching: Focus on Milton Keynes and Girls, with appointment of Development Officers for both since April 2022

14. Aiming to deliver MCC Foundation Hubs for State School cricketers in Milton Keynes and Aylesbury (MCCF funding dependent). Bucks Cricket funding a pilot programme in MK in 2023

15. Bucks Youth Cricket Trust free wicket-keeping sessions for Club juniors, with elite coaches, in memory of Jeremy Suter (Beaconsfield CC)

16. Free Coach Development courses: In 2022, £7.5k of ECB bursaries for coach development, Bucks Cricket funded Foundation Course in Milton Keynes and two free Support Coach courses 



CLUBS 2022

Staff (full or part time): 33% female, 13% ethnically diverse

Non-Executive Directors: 33% female, 11% ethnically diverse

External Contracted Coaches on the Pathway/Skill Zones/Community programmes: 14% female, 25% ethnically diverse

100 Affiliated Clubs
48 with Junior Teams in Bucks competitions

2 with Junior Teams in other County comps

4 running All Stars but not Teams

8 Women’s Hardball Teams from 7 Clubs

25 Girls Teams in competitions from 13 Clubs
0 Disability Teams

Coaches certified on ECB Courses in 2022: 27% Ethically Diverse, 10% Women




Boys U11-U18:
276 Total Players in Boys Pathway (96 players in County Squads U12-U18)
32% Independent Schools, 42% Grammar, 32% State Non-Selective

43% Asian, 7% Mixed, 49% White

Relative Age Effect on Selection: Q1 34%, Q2 27%, Q3 23%, Q4 17%

Girls U11-U18
101 Total Players in Girls Pathway (71 players in County squads U11-U18)

34% Independent Sch, 36% Grammar, 31% State Non-Selective

15% Asian, 4% Mixed, 78% White

RAE on Selection: Girls Q1 36%, Q2 21%, Q3 29%, Q4 15%.

6 Street Cricket (free) projects: Wolverton, Bletchley, Girls Only Bletchley, Aylesbury, High Wycombe, Chesham

4 Super 1s (free) projects: Bletchley, Aylesbury, Milton Keynes, Chesham

6 Urban All Stars Programmes (free) in 2022: 176 participants

12 Urban Dynamos Programmes (free) in 2022: 299 Participants

Schools 2022: Coaching in 58 Primary Schools and 22 Primary Competition Days. Coaching in 8 Secondaries (7 in MK)



  1. Girls Secondary School Coaching and Competition: 12 Schools minimum in 2023
  2. MK Boys Secondary School Coaching: from 7 Schools to 12 out of 14 in 2023
  3. Special Educational Needs Disability (SEND) School Coaching: from 4 Schools to 10 in 2023
  4. Add a 7th Street Cricket Hub: Girls only in Aylesbury from March 2023
  5. Run MK State School cricketers pilot project in Summer 2023
  6. Make all Girls & Boys Pathway Trials Free (£7.5k)
  7. Significantly reduce Girls & Boys Pathway Summer Subscription from real cost of £18 per game to c. £5 per game (£30k)
  8. Run Women’s Softball League in 2023
  9. Girls Club Teams in Competition: from 25 to 33 in 2023
  10. Coaches: 30 Female and 30 Ethnically Diverse on ECB Foundation and Core Coach Courses in 2024
  11. South Asian Teams using MK Council Pitches: 3 of 9 to have secured medium term leases and developed sustainability plans to take on running of facilities in 2024
  12. Female Friendly Club Facilities: 3 Clubs to have transformative plans being actively worked towards project completion in 2023
  13. Roll out Club Volunteer EDI Training in 2023
  14. Work with Clubs to understand cultural and systemic barriers to EDI and identify solutions
  15. Setup MK/North Bucks Junior Cricket working group to address issues in team entries and growth of the game
  16. Targeted free course places for young leaders and officials
  17. Next Non-Executive Director to be ethnically diverse candidate