Nomination Video Submission Guide


For Boys nominated to U13+ and Girls U18 nominations, once we have collated all nominations we will be asking parents to submit video for us to review alongside the stats, we will share details with them on how to submit. All players in these age groups must submit BOTH Bowling AND Batting videos. You can submit videos as one long clip or individual clips, whichever is easier.

  1. Bowling: 4 balls - 2 captured from behind the run-up and 2 from side-on to the crease (so badges on a playing/training shirt are showing to the camera at the crease) showing final 3rd of the run up and ball bowled. Example Bowling Video Link (or watch below)
  2. Batting: 3 straight balls faced full on the stumps showing attacking intent. Facing Pace Bowling. Nets better from umpires position to capture setup etc and to have clearer image quality. Example Batting Video Link (or watch below)
  3. If the player is a wicket-keeper: 3 deliveries on the off side and 2 deliveries down the leg side. Filmed from the umpires position, sufficiently zoomed in to the wicket-keeper.